About Us

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Our Vision

Here at CH Online Design, we believe that a beautiful website should not only be easy to obtain, but inexpensive and stress free too. We want you to enjoy this experience and feel comfortable requesting as many design changes as you feel necessary.
We will work with you on every aspect of the website, from page layout to font size - nothing is too much.
Of course, if you'd prefer, we can design and develop without you so you can focus on the more simple things in life.

Our Story

Through necessity I learnt HTML coding and basic graphic design. I noticed how overly expensive website creation was for hobbyists and businesses alike, and decided to put my new found knowledge to use. Now, I'm just here to make sure you aren't wasting your hard earned dollars on something that shouldn't cost the earth.

See what we can do for you

Design, re-design, and marketing packages to suit all businesses and hobbyists.

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